Claro Walnut and Bubinga Desk

Claro walnut and bubinga desk


This desk features a claro walnut top from the Pacific northwest coupled with a bubinga African hardwood foundation and drawers..  The entire piece is finished with 6 coats of a wipe-on varnish.  The finish has been leveled and rubbed to a satin gloss.  The orange highlights in the walnut sapwood integrate well with the lighter tones of the bubinga, providing a spectacular showpiece.  The handles and leg tips are made from black walnut.  This writing desk is 31 inches high with a length of 80 inches and depth of 24 inches.

Bubinga desk
Claro walnut desk

Burly Ambrosia Maple Table


maple front_3430.png


This table is made from a rare piece of burly ambrosia maple coupled with padauk legs.  The table is 30 inches high, 37 inches long, and 21 inches deep.  The entire piece was finished with multiple coats of wiping varnish.  A clear epoxy was then added to the top followed by a  polyurethane varnish.  The finished burls are rich in color with a look of marble with a gloss finish.  The three burls provide a truly unique and rare table top, and are showcased with natural finished red padauk. 

live edge ambrosia maple table
ambrosia maple burl
ambrosia maple burl

Black Walnut Coffee Table 

coffee front_3782.png


This black walnut coffee table is inspired by a George Nakashima Minguren design, who was a pioneer in the live edge furniture industry.  The support structure of the table is hidden from a top-down view, which provides an illusion of the top balancing on a point.  The entire structure is made from traditional wood joinery techniques, staying true in spirit to the natural beauty of the wood.  The table is 56 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 17 inches high. The table is finished with a rubbing oil followed by multiple coats of a wiping varnish.  It was then leveled and rubbed with pumice stone and paraffin oil for a smooth feel and shine.

coffee top_3784.png
coffee right_3785.png


Cherry and Ash Farm Table and Bench