Live Edge

Live edge slabs are plainsawn from a tree to include the outer sap wood, or live section of the tree, and the internal heartwood.  Cutting a log in this manner typically reveals the best graining and figuring as apposed to quartersawn planks that reveal a ribbon grain.  The sap wood is typically milled out of lumber since it’s not as strong as the heartwood, but it's sufficient for table top purposes and it provides an interesting contrast to the finished heartwood.  Species such as walnut offer a bright sapwood in contrast to the dark heartwood.

Live edge furniture features the slab as a table top or island top.   The wood is finished with oils or a wiping varnish to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain.



It all started as a boy when my father brought home an antique cabin cruiser that needed restoration.  My early days of "woodworking" were spent on my back with a belt sander stripping the boat's bottom, and the days ended with me looking like a copper penny.  Years later I took up woodworking as a hobby, took formal classes, and I developed my skills to a level where I could build cabinets, trophy cases, and other showcase items of interest.  I recently developed a passion for building live edge furniture.  A slab is a unique footprint of the life of the tree from which it came, and therefore no two pieces of furniture are exactly alike.  I design the foundation around the slab in order to produce an integrated piece of furniture that reflects the spirit of that piece.  I will build the furniture to the customer’s specifications, but I typicchoose a complementary hardwood for the base that will enhance the beauty of the finished top.